Growatt expert training

  • Képzés indul
    2024 Spring
  • Képzési idő
    30 hours
  • Képzés helyszíne
    Hungary, 7630 Pécs, Koksz u. 127.
  • Tervezett ütemezés
    10 hours of online theory / 20 hours of practice
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Name of the training:

Growatt expert training


The aim of the training is for those with a professional qualification in solar installation to gain a more detailed insight into the operation of Growatt inverters, their accessories and auxiliaries, and to become suitable for the installation, commissioning, programming and troubleshooting tasks of Growatt inverters
The condition for successfully mastering the practical part of the training is to read and learn the material of the lectures, the attached data sheets, and the uploaded manuals in advance as part of individual preparation, at least at such a level that you remember the typical chapters and their most important figures.
During the contact hours, practical training part, we discuss the curriculum in the framework of two separate units:
The first is the range of inverters: in the framework of the presentation, the product families, their properties, operating methods, connection methods, and programming options will be briefly reviewed. We will carry out assembly, measurement and commissioning, we will provide the devices, tools may be needed.
In the second round, communication devices will be discussed, supplemented with the necessary data transmission skills.
We will spend time on other connectable devices, which may become necessary in certain cases.

Duration of education: 30 hours

  • 10 hours of theory (individual preparation using online course material)
  • 20 contact hours, practice


Planned date of the next training:  2024 Spring

Location of the training: 7630 Pécs, Koksz u.127.

Form of training: group

The training fee: 410 EUR

Language of the training: English





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